Want free products whilst helping us build our brand?

Apply for our sponsorship program!


There is no follower requirement for this and will be much more rewarding in the long term! We will be accepting affiliates based on your Instagram feed or the relevance of your blog/Tumblr/YouTube profile.

Affiliates will receive a unique 10% off discount code to promote to their followers and will receive $5 store credit for every 3 sales made with that discount code. Affiliates will be notified weekly of their number of sales and store credit via email.



  • Must have an Instagram, Blog, Tumblr or YouTube profile
  • One time sponsorship of one item (<$25)
  • Promoters must post at least 2 photos of the sponsored item
  • REMEMBER: Promoter searches will be held on our Instagram (@sleeplessc.lub). We currently do not have a promoter search, however we are always open to anyone with over 20k.
  • You can always apply to be an affiliate if you are not successful in becoming a promoter.

Contact us at hello.sleeplessclub@gmail.com with the following information to be considered for promotion or the affiliate program:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Number of followers
  • Link to social media profile/s
  • OPTIONAL: Previous promoter experience

Due to large amount of applications we receive everyday, we will only respond to those who have been